We appreciate your patronage.

We regret to inform you that we closed down STÁLOGY LABORATORY TOKYO on September 10th.

Our store has opened in Daikanyama, Tokyo in April 2015, with the hope of helping people rediscover the value of tools for putting pen to paper in an age where information technologies are fast taking over our lives. To strive our store concept, we have produced our store to enable customers to try every STÁLOGY products, and provided a unique service “Letter to the future.”

Smiles and conversation we have exchanged with customers at STÁLOGY LABORATORY TOKYO will be our treasure. From experience of running this store, STÁLOGY continues to serve valued stationery and services which are under the concept of “should have been, is.” and create your wonders.

*Nitoms, Inc., the operating company, will be responsible for mailing your “Letter to the future” which we hold at this moment.
*You can find STÁLOGY items here.

Thank you for your patronage of STÁLOGY LABORATORY TOKYO.

Nitoms, Inc.